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Leadership 101 - Don't be a D*ck

by amazon Best Selling Author - Andy Nisevic

Visualise, being at a team meeting and everyone is engaged in passionate debate. This means you’re generating loads of ideas to solve your strategic challenges.

Imagine, that knock on your office door, your team member tells you how they’ve solved a problem, not just that one exists. The benefit of that is you no longer need to divert your attention away from your workload to solve their problems for them.

Picture a time when, that project that’s going to push your business to the next level is going on track because your whole team is fully engaged, working at full capacity and voluntarily going above and beyond to meet tight deadlines. This means that the project is completed on time, in budget and your clients are very happy.

Envisage, being on your favourite holiday, sipping mojitos on the beach, or hurtling down the alps, not worrying about what’s going on at work. The benefit being you’re able to be fully present with your friends or family, enjoying quality time, not distracted.

In this book, Andy takes readers through the 9 key steps his 23-year military career, that included being a trainer at their Aviation Command School, taught him that will make those aspirations a reality.