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Does it sometimes feel like you and your team aren't on the same page?

The best leaders don’t just strive for good results. They seek to get the best out of their team and foster positive working environments.

But how do you go about bringing meaningful change into your workplace? You need to understand what drives your team – as individuals and as a collective. But before you can bring about change in your team, you have to start with yourself.

With One Degree Coaching & Training, you’ll be given the tools and support to become not just a better leader, but a great one.

Everyone knows something we don't

We Love Learning

We're passionate about learning and helping business owners and senior leaders reach their full potential

Fun & Energetic Training

Our coaching sessions are designed to be engaging and enjoyable, ensuring you get the most out of your time with us

Shaping True Leaders

We aim to guide and shape true leaders who inspire and motivate others to succeed

Authentic & Honest

Trust is the foundation of any strong working relationship, and we work hard to earn & maintain it trust through transparent teaching

Communicate. Motivate. Inspire.

What Andy Nisevic brings to the table

One Degree Training and Coaching offers leadership training for professionals at any stage in their career. Our founder, Andy Nisevic, combines his passion for helping people with his extensive knowledge of leadership skills to create innovative programmes designed to get shape people into better leaders.

Andy served 23 years in the RAF, leading countless individuals from all backgrounds, as well as working with and alongside many other leaders. In his time, Andy's worked with some fantastic leaders - but he's also worked with terrible ones. It's this experience that informs Andy's teachings: he's on a mission to share his knowledge with all that will listen.

Working with business owners and senior leaders, Andy strives to create positive workplace environments and equip managers with the tools they need to develop their leadership skills. Better leadership leads to improved productivity and Andy's people-orientated approach ensures that his guidance resonates with attendees long after the training is over.

A wealth of qualifications and experience:

Overcome the Challenges That Matter Most to You

The Gold and Platinum Leadership programs revolve around you. Together, we’ll explore the blockers that could be holding you back, and develop effective means of overcoming them. We don’t seek to lecture you on the characteristics you should manifest – we work alongside you to make them relevant to you, your workplace and the people you’re responsible for.

Outcomes you Can Expect

Full Awareness of Your Leadership Skills

Gain a true understanding of who you are as a leader, including strategies to capitalise on your strengths and overcome your shortcomings

We Build Capable, Authentic and Supportive leaders

With our insights, you'll work to foster high-performing and resilient teams, leading your business to success

Bespoke Leadership Strategy

All attendees will leave with a strategy tailored to their individual needs, empowering them to better communicate, motivate and engage their team

Work Smarter

You'll learn how to better spend your time, creating time to work on yourself and your business

Lower recruitment Overheads

With stronger leadership comes improved staff retainment you can expect a lower rate of employee turnover and reduced recruitment costs

Real-World Savings

Through better time-management, our coaching could save you as much as £10,000 p/year

Professional Leader Development Programmes

The Golden Leader

Perfect for leaders of smaller teams seeking to better connect with their staff, boost workplace morale and optimise productivity
£ 2,997 90-Day Development Program
  • 60 Minute Kickstart Call
  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching
  • Monthly 1:1 Mentoring
  • 2 Spaces on all Masterclasses
  • 5 Spaces on all Online Accelerators
  • Payment Plan: £1,497 followed by 2x £1,000*

The Platinum Leader

Perfect for senior leaders and business owners looking to maximise staff potential and reduce staff turnover, all whilst creating time for other pursuits
£ 9,997 12 Month Development Program
  • Everything included in The Golden Leader PLUS
  • 1 Day In-House Training per Quarter
  • SDI Personality Profiles for 2 Individuals
  • DISC Personality Profiles for 2 Individuals
  • 24/7 Mentor Support
  • Private Member Group
  • Payment Plan: £2,997 followed by 10x £1,000*

Three Simple Steps

It’s super easy to get started on your journey to becoming a better leader – here’s how:

1. Invest

Begin your journey to becoming a better leader by signing up to any of our coaching packages

2. Learn

Attending masterclasses and accelerator, you'll learn what it means to be a great leader

3. Grow

Elevate yourself to become a better leader and lead your team to greatness

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