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Are you a senior manager navigating the complexities of multiple leadership layers within a business of 25 to 100 employees? Do you aspire to be a stronger leader, a more effective communicator and create a positive, productive work environment?

You’re not alone on this journey.

Leaders are developed, not born...

Leadership is no easy feat.

You are up against challenges that make it tough to be effective and keep your organisation thriving.

External Pressures

The relentless pressure of time constraints your ability to act and improve.

Internal Struggles

Personal stress and being overwhelmed, alongside a company-wide concern over high turnover rates due to low customer satisfaction and team morale, are common issues.

Personal Dilemmas

You fear stagnation and losing control. This often shows up as hesitation to change leadership styles or invest in meaningful development because you're sceptical about the real benefits of such training.

Leadership Training

Make It's time to become an even better leader.

Andy gets the pressures and challenges of leadership. Driven by a mission to improve leadership with genuine, impactful training, he’s here to help.

From the Royal Air Force to starting One Degree and the challenges he’s faced along the way, Andy’s experience equips him to guide you through your leadership journey. He offers not just expertise but a commitment to being there during the “oh sh*t” moments.

Andy’s approach is grounded in understanding your unique needs, ensuring his guidance is both relevant and transformative.

"I started One Degree because I'm all about making a real impact. Sure, standard training can create good leaders, but for top-notch results, it's not just about finishing with a certificate, it's about making lasting change. This mission drives me to help people improve their professional lives through honest, dedicated leadership development"

Want valuable insights into your leadership culture ?
Here's how.

To help you on your own journey towards leadership excellence, we’ve created a simple, yet powerful tool – a 15-question survey designed to uncover your untapped leadership qualities and provide you with personalised insights.

By taking this survey, you’ll gain:

  • The untapped leadership qualities in your organisation.
  • True potential of your business and its people.
  • Valuable insights into your organisational leadership culture.

Answer these 15 questions and get a score to understand your leadership ability.

What does Success look like?

Are you ready to take immediate steps towards better leadership?

Discover our tailored programs designed to reshape the core of leadership in your organisation.

Choose between our Gold Plan and Platinum Plan, each crafted to provide you with the tools and guidance needed to become a more effective leader.

Take the first step towards transforming your leadership approach today.

The Results You Can Expect

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I recently attended a Resilient Leader training day with Andy and found it to be excellent. The course itself is informative, practical and applicable - and Andy was an excellent trainer. He made the course fun, engaged the whole group, and pushed us without making the experience feel pressured or awkward. The time flew by and I took away useful conversations and approaches that I can apply to my workplace and myself. I would highly recommend and will be back to attend another course in the future!

Resilient Leadership Programme

I spent half a day working on my values for my coaching company with Andy. WOW! I feel speechless. This is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and business for a long time. Andy takes the time to really get to know you and your business, and I’ve come away with a set of values that are truly mine, rather than what I think I ‘should’ be saying. And as an added bonus (that I certainly wasn’t expecting) whilst we went through these I unlocked a limiting belief that I’ve been holding onto for the last 26 years! This alone was priceless. Thank you Andy, the work we did together was truly phenomenal.

Anna Wood
Half Day - Training

We have been working with Andy for 6 months and he has been a massive asset to our business. His passion for developing true leadership skills is obvious in everything he does. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves and the teams' leadership skills.

Chad - Superfoil
12 Month Programme

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