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Leadership levels

When to introduce a new level of leadership?

Leadership challenges for fast growing business. Any sensible person will tell you that leadership development is crucial for all businesses. It gives you the best chance of thriving because effective leadership ensures the culture, standards, and compassion are balanced so

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Illegitimate Love Child of Shrek &Sloth

When is banter not banter?Back in 2001, I worked in a great office. The work was important and engaging, the team were great. Morale was high, and we performed brilliantly.One of the main reasons behind the this was the banter.

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People don't like change

Why don’t people like change?

It’s easier to understand if we look at it as though we prefer things to be the same. The picture is a diagram of the Limbic System, or emotional centre of the brain. Within it, towards the bottom left (small

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Act with Kindness

Stop Being a Nice Leader

Wait! I can’t mean that, can I? Surely, if we’re not nice, we won’t create a cohesive team. Being a nice person comes with good intent. In fact, it comes with lovely intent. An intent to create a cohesive team,

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