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Here at One Degree, we help businesses develop their leaders to ensure that businesses grow without barriers.


Why One Degree Exists

One Degree Training and Coaching exists to make the workplace a more fulfilling and engaging place.  When this happens, people become happier so that bit by bit, we make the world a happier place.

Our Purpose and Mission

Leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping our working lives and influencing organisational dynamics. Serving professionals across various career stages, One Degree Training and Coaching specialises in crafting leadership training that draws from both theoretical foundations and real-world applications. Our core mission revolves around ensuring that every individual is equipped with the knowledge they need to reach their full leadership potential. In the right environment, bolstered by the right skills, every individual is capable of taking their business to new heights of success.

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In line with making the world a happier place, we strongly believe that environment is essential for happiness. Therefore, we donate 1% of every sale to My Square Metre to improve biodiversity and decarbonise the environment.

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Who We Serve:

From first time managers to established business owners, we strive to elevate leadership across the spectrum. Managers often feel isolated, stressed, and overwhelmed, but our programmes provide the strategies, perspectives, and tools they need to transform these challenges into growth opportunities.


Our Core Values:

What you get:

Working with One Degree, your leadership team(s) will get a personalised strategy to create teams as capable and passionate as if it were their own business.

Meet Andy Nisevic - Founder of One Degree Training and Coaching

Meet Andy
Meet Andy

After leaving a 23-year career in the RAF, Andy Nisevic combined his passion for helping people with his extensive knowledge of leadership skills to create programmes to share his insights with managers outside of the military. Andy has worked with some fantastic leaders over the years. But he’s also worked for some terrible ones. Harnessing both the highs and lows of his experiences and blending them with scholarly theories and psychological principles, Andy has curated a range of innovative workshops and masterclasses. His mission is simple: to disseminate his insights and ensure leaders cultivate environments where every team member feels valued, understood, and inspired.

Why work with Andy?

Andy’s approach is refreshingly people-orientated. Beyond theories and strategies, he emphasises the human element of people management, stressing that real change is rooted in genuine connections. His transformative journey, from confronting his own vulnerabilities to becoming an influential leader, resonates with many, making his teachings both relatable and impactful.

We spend a third of our lives at work. Making sure we’re content in our working lives is therefore vital to our emotional wellbeing. Andy is committed to enhancing that experience, ensuring every professional feels driven and aligned with a clear goal. After all, better leadership doesn’t just optimise processes and improve business – it improves lives.

Reach out to Andy and embark on your leadership transformation journey today.

Picture of Andy Nisevic

Andy Nisevic

Reach out to Andy and become a better leader.