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Andy Nisevic Training

10 Steps to even better leadership!

This in-person, facilitated training event is designed for managers at all levels, who want to find ways that accelerate the effectiveness of their leadership to next level.

Your host and trainer, Andy Nisevic, will delve into the 10 steps his learning and 23 years of military experience, taught him to make the biggest difference in the shortest time. They include:


  1. Raising self-awareness.
  2. Understanding your team member’s communication styles.
  3. Recognise your team member’s motivational values and conflict sequences.
  4. The impact of vulnerability.
  5. The power of questions over speaking.
  6. How to use silence for great effect.
  7. How to say no in a way that motivates.
  8. Why you should underpromise, but over-deliver.
  9. The values in standards.
  10. What happens if you give yourself permission to get it wrong?


The masterclass will give you insights into why, despite our best efforts, there are some people out there we’re just unable to connect with. You’ll also be given some tips, that will be very easy to implement, that will raise your reputation as a leader, enabling you to motivate your team to WANT to give you their very best.


Why am I being asked for £97 when I was told it’s free?

That’s a very fair question. The £97 per person booking fee is a deposit that guarentees you your place(s). It will be refunded as long as the person booked on attends.

That said, we understand life does sometimes get in the way. If you register but can’t attend, simply transfer the registration to someone else, or a future date, and you’ll still be eligible for the refund.


Why are you providing a refund?


Another fair question. If you’re looking at this page, there’s a good chance you’d love to improve your leadership skills even further. There’s also a good chance that you have no idea who Andy, or One Degree is, so are wondering if we’re worth investing in. That’s why I’ve put together this FREE (with the refundable deposit) event, where we can showcase what we do and how good we are, with NO FINANCIAL COMMITMENT from you.

Don't just take our word for it! Here is what others have said:

"I've just done Andy’s 10 Steps To Even Better Leadership training and it's got me thinking about so much! It had made me more aware of myself, and how I lead others. Also, it has made me think about why my staff do what they do and how we can work better together Leadership affects so many areas of our lives not just in business. I have heard Andy present at other events and his passion shows in everything he does. He really does hold himself to account and stands by what his values are! It was interactive, interesting and extremely thought-provoking. I had so many light bulb moments. Thank you Andy!"
Carrie Boughtwood
Carrie Boughtwood
Estate Planning Professional
"I took part in Andy's 10 Steps To Even Better Leadership training last week. The training was so informative but also interactive and thought provoking. So many light bulbs went off in my own mind to how I operate as a human and as a leader, as well as considering how I might better support anyone I lead now and in the future. I would highly recommend this training and Andy as a leadership training provider."
Caz Grant Testimonial Image
Caz Grant
Brand Expert