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Welcome to One Degree Training and Coaching

Welcome to One Degree Training and Coaching

Hi, I’m Andy Nisevic.

After leaving a 23-year career in the RAF, and having recieved world leading training, and having been a leader in the RAF, I’ve combined my passion for helping people with my extensive knowledge of leadership skills to create programmes to share insights with managers outside of the military.

I have worked with some fantastic leaders over the years. But I’ve also worked for some terrible ones. Something I’m sure you can relate to. Harnessing both the highs and lows of my experiences and blending them with scholarly theories and psychological principles, I have curated a range of innovative workshops and masterclasses to help businesses develop better leaders. This ultimately results in better business performance and happier teams.

My mission is simple: to disseminate these insights and ensure leaders cultivate environments where every team member feels valued, understood, and inspired.

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